Our Story

Enjoy The Taste Of Rose

Water from the finest roses. Flavors from the world's premier natural providers. The Taste of Rose will bring you the freshest taste.


The Taste of Rose is made from the roses of the world's leading provider of natural rose water, in Isparta, Turkey. Isparta is the City of Roses, with over 12,000 independent rose gardens. Our roses are picked in the wee hours of the morning, and our rose water is extracted daily, ensuring the fresh taste our rosewater provides.

Bubbly Rosewater

Born and raised in Isparta, Turkey, (The City of Roses) our founder Suha was raised with a deep appreciation for the rose. Suha moved to the US in 2016 and wanted to share with the global market, his native City's rich roses. In 2018, he began working to develop a new rosewater brand that was both refreshing and flavorful, and healthy. Suha wanted the brand to remain 100% natural and use all natural products. After months of work, Bubbly Rosewater was born and today we feature Still Rosewater, Sparkling Rosewater, and the world's first Sparkling Raspberry Rosewater and Sparkling Ginger Rosewater!
The Damascena rose has been grown in Isparta, Turkey for over 140 years. It is the perfect rose for production of rosewater. Our rose fields extend for hundreds of miles making Isparta the largest producer of roses in the world.